Give the floor

to your public in live


Solutions for mobile devices

EvalPITCH®EvalEVENT®EvalCONF® are available on internet from smartphones, tablets or computers, for both hosts event and respondents.

Customizable solutions

How to use a simple app


With 3 clicks,
define questions that
you want to ask or the list of

nominees (if it is a trophy).


In 3 minutes,
poll directly

your public.


In 3 secondes,
get a visual report
and if you want to,

show the results.

EvalPITCH®EvalEVENT® and EvalCONF®


Ask your audience the same questions about different pitches in order to compare them together on their content, form, interest…


Assess the quality of an event by asking at its end, several questions in order to obtain immediate reactions.


To broach several themes during a general meeting, a seminar… or evaluate collective understanding at a course by obtaining instantaneous answers.

*Particular conditions for schools and associations